taking technology beyond the limits


Skytechja has been the idea of mine for some time now. This is my little idea starting out extremely small and I will be striving to expand and extend this idea as far and as wide as possible but this is not a one man show.


What I aim to do is to provide top quality items at very affordable and reasonable prices an also professional services and advice.


Periodically, additional news, products, services and features will be extended to you.


I do hope that you will stick around and continue to watch and support my site as it grows. I welcome all suggestions.


 Skytechja - taking you beyond the limits; of course with you my customers and clients in mind. 

There will be some addition soon because of some upcoming projects of mine so please stay tuned for that because your input will be of importance especially those really in the telecommunications field and from those persons from my home town.



Stay blessed and stay tuned.